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Of all the functions in Avnex Music Morpher Gold 3., the Editor includes a actually impressive collection of powerful and versatile audio tools. Lets take an in-depth appear at the numerous effects and filters constructed-in to this plan. Whilst most of them can be accessed on the fly in the Music Player and applied true time, these effects are only active for the duration of playback. To permanently alter your audio files you have to open them within the editor. You can work with a single file or several files in multi-session mode.

What you can do. The selection is seemingly endless. To study more, people can take a view at: http://www.wave3.com/story/29307703/lightroom-presets-launched-by-newly-formed-company-preset-kingdom. There are 60 major filters and effects to work with. Discover more on our related use with by clicking http://www.wtol.com/story/29307703/lightroom-presets-launched-by-newly-formed-company-preset-kingdom. Plus support for Direct X and VST. Thats just the surface lets take a detailed appear at the power contained inside these modules. To get another interpretation, we know you view at: Lightroom Presets Launched By Newly Formed Company Preset Kingdom. If you are familiar with basic audio terms, most of these modules will be familiar to you, but you may possibly not have encountered such depth and precision accessible to you in one program. Heres the detailed list of the AVnex Music Morpher Effects Library:

Voice Morphing

o Cher Modification - ten presets 8 controls

o Frequency Morpher - 11 presets and a graphic interface

o Robot Voice - 9 presets two sliders

o Root Formant Mover - eight presets 2 sliders

o Tempo Morpher - 11 presets one slider

o Voice LPC Pitch Changer - 6 presets a single slider

o Voice Morpher - 16 presets 3 sliders

o Voice Extractor - 3 presets7 sliders

o Voice Remover - three presets 4 sliders

o Voice Extractor - 5 sliders

o Voice Remover - 5 sliders


o two order equalizer - 17 presets 10 sliders graphic manage

o four order equalizer - 17 presets ten sliders graphic handle

o Graphic Equalizer - 13 presets 1 slider graphic handle with 2 scales

o Linear Phase Equalizer - 17 presets 10 slides graphic control


o Low Bass Filter - 16 presets 3 slides graphic manage

o High " " - six presets 3 slides graphic manage

o Band " " - 8 presets 4 slides graphic manage

o Band Reject Filter - 7 presets 3 sliders graphic handle

o FIR Bass Filter - 16 presets three sliders graphic control


o Amplitude Morpher - 8 presets graphic control 2 scales 2 curves

o Auto Loudness - 12 presets two sliders

o Alter Channel - 9 presets two sliders

o Continual - two settings

o Dynamics Morpher - eight presets 2 sliders graphic manage

o Fade In - four sorts 1 slider

o Fade Out - 4 varieties 1 slider

o Invert - three presets two settings

o Limiter - 16 presets two sliders

o Multiband Dynamics - eight presets compression ratio/threshold graph

o Normalize - six presets 2 sliders

o Volume - 15 presets 2 sliders

Echo and Reverb

o Complex Delay - 14 presets 7 sliders

o Delay - 22 presets 5 sliders

o Mega Reverb - 15 presets five sliders

o PingPong - 12 presets 7 sliders

o Resonance - 6 presets six sliders

o Reverberation - 10 presets 7 sliders three line controls

o Stick Channels - 17 presets 9 sliders


o Pseudo Surround 12 presets three sliders

o Surround - 24 presets two sliders


o Beat Tracking - 50 presets 2 sliders import capable

o Chorus - 15 presets four sliders five alternatives

o Chorus Plus - 11 presets 8 sliders

o Detonation - 14 presets 7 sliders

o Distortion - 5 presets 4 sliders

o Envelope Morpher - 10 presets 2 sliders graphic handle

o Flanger - 8 presets five sliders sine/feedback manage

o Hardcore Beat - 8 presets 7 sliders

o Karaoke - four presets 1 slider

o Music by Voice Morpher - 4 sliders file input alternative

o Noise Reduction - 9 presets two sliders

o Rhythm to Noise - 7 presets 24 sliders every single with four waveform settings linear and log scales

o Spectral Peak Enhancer - six presets three sliders

o Squeak - eight presets 5 sliders

o Tremolo - 7 presets five sliders

o Vibrato - 3 presets 3 sliders

o Vibrato Plus - ten presets two sliders time/offset graph

o Wave - 16 presets 5 sliders 6 waveforms

o Wah Wah Filter - ten presets 6 sliders 2 scales band filters

Have you ever noticed a more complete list of audio tools? This module alone sets Music Morpher Gold head and shoulders above the competition. Apart from the potential to play nearly any audio file and to morph them on the fly, beyond the amazing assortment of audio tools, you can also burn CDs, organize your audio files, rip audio CDs, create covers and liner notes for your CDs, and capture/record from any input device. Actually this is a masterpiece of audio software that will provide you with the indicates of fulfilling any of your audio dreams. Logon to www.audio4fun.com to download a trial version you wont be sorry.


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